The Hunter

The Hunter

Writer Original Adaptation — Feature Film

Psychological Thriller based on the novel by Julia Leigh

Cast - Willem Dafoe, Frances O'Connor and Sam Neill

Director - Daniel Nettheim

Producer - Vincent Sheehan

‘Haunting and mesmerising, The Hunter is an outstanding film that tackles a hot socio-political issue through a well crafted, character driven story This is a tense and unforgettable film that brought me to tears when I least expected it.’ — Urban Cinefile.

Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011.

‘The Hunter is the most intriguing thriller to come along in the first half of 2012.’ — Chris Sawin,

The Hunter

‘One of this year's most memorable films, containing one of the best performances, The Hunter is a piece that creeps into the viewer's soul. It is dank and clammy, with ice in its heart, but it is also beautiful and painful, its emotional climaxes hitting home like precision bullets. ’ — Jason Solomons, The Observer [UK]

‘Quietly gripping, atmospheric and beautifully shot drama with a terrific central performance from Willem Dafoe, an effectively sparse script and some stunning location work.’ — Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

The Hunter

‘The Hunter is engrossing and thoughtful entertainment. It's a mystery with a message. At the core of the movie is the message that the real lonely hunter is the heart’ — Washington Post

  • Winner ACCTA Best Cinematography
  • Winner ACCTA Best Original Music Score
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Film
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Lead Actor
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Lead Actress
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Costume Design
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Direction
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Costume Design
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Sound
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Visual Effects
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Supporting Actor
  • Nominated ACCTA Best Supporting Actress
  • Nominated AFI Members Choice Award
  • Nominated ASSG Best Sound
  • Winner FCCA Best Supporting Actress
  • Winner FCCA Best Cinematography
  • Nominated FCCA Best Film
  • Nominated FCCA Best Direction
  • Nominated FCCA Best Music
  • Nominated FCCA Best Performance by a Young Actor


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