Produced Projects

Becoming Superhuman
Writer Director — 2x30 Minute
/ 1 Hour Television Feature

Doctor Jordan Nuguyen is a biomedical engineer. Riley Saban is a 13-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. Together they develop extraordinary, cutting edge technology that gives young Riley superhuman powers.

‘If you watch one thing this week let it be this two parter — it’s just wonderful… 
I loved this.’ — Clare Rigden, Herald Sun

‘Really lovely two-part Catalyst special that brings science and human interest together in a thoroughly engaging way. — this is a cracking yarn.’ — Melinda Houston, Sydney Morning Herald.


Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail
Writer Director — 3x1 Hour Television

Legends say there’s a world beneath this one where a dragon lies sleeping. They say be careful how you wake the dragon.
The year 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the most profound change in the history of human enterprise on planet Earth: the unleashing of the elemental force within uranium, the explosion of the atomic bomb, the unleashing of the dragon.
Come on an epic journey through nine countries and over a century of stories with physicist Dr Derek Muller to discover the untold story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Pick of the week, highlight of the day.  Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, USA today, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle.

I've never felt so nervous while watching a PBS documentary before, I had to pause the video to make some tea just to calm down’ — Michigan Daily

‘Hot list! you shouldn't miss! Pick of the day’ — The Age, Melbourne

‘Smart, lively, demonstrative, quirky.’ — Vern Gay, Newsday


Gallipoli From Above

Writer Director — 1 Hour Television Feature

Overturns the myths about the Gallipoli landing; that the Australians landed at dawn, on the wrong beach, with little knowledge of the Turkish defences and they were led by incompetent British officers. That it was a slaughter. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.
Based on Hugh Dolan's book 36 Days: The Untold Story Behind the Gallipoli Landings, Gallipoli From Above will change forever the way we think about Gallipoli.

‘A thoroughly absorbing new documentary in which former military intelligence officer Hugh Dolan attempts to overturn some common misconceptions about the 1915 Gallipoli landing. ‘If we going to have a myth, an Anzac myth, let's get it right’. Fighting words indeed.’ — Sydney Morning Herald


The Hunter

Writer Original Adaptation — Feature Film

The Hunter is a powerful psychological drama that tells the story of Martin (Willem Dafoe), a mercenary sent from Europe by a mysterious biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian Tiger.

‘Haunting and mesmerizing, the Hunter is an outstanding film that tackles a hot socio political issue through a well-crafted, character-driven story. This is a tense and unforgettable film that brought me to tears when I least expected it.’ — Urban Cinefile


Charles Bean's Great War

Writer Director — 1 hour Television Documentary Series

Charles Bean, angry old man, ace reporter, obsessive nerd and reluctant myth maker; tells us all about his remarkable life. From the playing fields of England and via the Australian outback, Charles Bean found himself thrown violently into the abattoir of the Great War. He wrote the truth and they thought he created a myth, because he loved Australia the way most people love another person, and as so often happens in love, Australia let him down.

‘It's a wonderful story told with grace, quiet humour and a great deal of cinematic skill. Fimeri delivers an elegiac and thoroughly arresting portrait of one of our great writers. As he always does, Fimeri works in a kind of speculative reverie; always alert for what literary critic Peter Steele, writing about biography, once called riddle, quizzicality and quirk. And like a biographer, Fimeri sees his job as winkling out the truth, one of interpretation, selection and conjuring a terrific story.’ — The Australian


Captain Cook Obsession and Discovery

Writer Director — 4x1 hour Television Documentary Series

James Cook ‘discovered’ more of planet Earth than any other human being. He wasn’t an aristocrat, he wasn’t born noble; he was the barefoot son of a farm labourer who rose to the dizzying heights of a God. He was a savant who said he wanted to go not only farther than any other man, but as far as it was possible for a man to go.

‘One problem with learning about history in the school room is that many incredible feats are reduced to dates and basic details. If only all tales were accounted like Captain James Cook's in this fantastic four part documentary.. gripping stuff.’ — Daily Telegraph

‘This enthralling documentary carefully balances the insights and narratives of British author Vanessa Collingridge and re-enactments of Cook’s expeditions without interfering with the enthralling story that unfolds’ — Sydney Morning Herald


Revealing Gallipoli

Writer Director — 1 hour Television Feature

The Dardanelles in Turkey is a narrow stretch of sea twisting from the Aegean to the Sea of Marmara. The line between Europe and Asia. The crossroads of the world. In 1915 the armies of three Empires gather at the Gallipoli Peninsula, the key to the Dardanelles. They fight a battle. Four hundred and fifty-thousand men are killed or wounded. Almost nothing is accomplished.

‘On television history is no longer just history; it is living history. The story of Gallipoli, though inherently dramatic, was brought vividly to life. One thing that television history can do with some effort, and which this documentary did well, is to give the sense of a mindset of a time. At times it was a little like a Shakespeare play.’ — Irish Times


Love Letters from a War

Writer Director — 1 hour Television Feature

John and Josie Johnson adore each other. They’re about as poor as you can get. They have eight kids. The eldest is fifteen, the youngest is a baby John's never seen. She's born while he's fighting in the Second world war. They seemed to write to each other every day. A true story.

‘This stunning documentary is illuminating and devastating.’  — Sydney Morning Herald

‘One of the most touching love stories you're likely to see on television, exquisitely presented through a combination of archival footage and recreated events seamlessly merged to create a vivid, moving Portrait of an Era.’ — The Advertiser


Port Phillip Wetlands
Port Phillip Ramsar Wetlands

Writer Director — Cinema and Social Media Featurette

A featurette made to publicise the work of the Hobsons Bay Wetlands centre.

Curving about the Western side of Port Phillip bay in Melbourne is a Ramsar listed wetland, designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, a global environmental treaty established by UNESCO.

Among the astonishing creatures who live here, the tiny Red necked Stint flies every year to Siberia to breed, one of the longest migrations of any life form on Earth.

We often remind ourselves to think globally and act locally. Here is our chance. We are the custodians of this remarkable place. It is our responsibility.

We have in our backyard a treasure. Were it a Pyramid, or a Versailles, or an Angkor Wat, we would protect it fiercely.

Let us match our actions to the feat of the tiny and fearless Red-necked Stint. If a little bird can girdle the Earth and then settle in our backyard, we can surely act to assist with the settling.


David Tredinnick

Writer Director — 1 hour Television Feature

Pozieres is a tiny and unremarkable village in Northern France. In 1916 during the Great War, Pozieres becomes the site of an insane battle. The village will be captured by Australians, and they will suffer 23,000 casualties for this tiny patch of Earth. Things were ready to never be the same again.

‘This remarkable film, an ugly, horrifying story, brilliantly and simply reconstructed.’ — Show of the week, Sydney Morning Herald

‘It is a masterpiece, pulling off the remarkable achievement of installing a tragically humanized reality into a distant war and a near forgotten tragedy this is a great film!’ — The Herald Sun